Friday, December 18, 2009


Hi. I'm Angevon. I love to play video games.

You may know me from the following places:
Author of Poring Pelters, a Ragnarok Online Sprite Comic.
Owner of the premier Ragnarok Online Sprites Archive.
Admin on the forum and wiki at Mabinogi World.
I'm also on Twitter.
Backloggery page
Archive of Our Own
live:fwuffles on skype

If you ever want to contact me, add me on MSN or email me at:
fwuffles ((((@))))

I don't check the email very often. Twitter is actually the best way to talk to me, and then skype.

I used to post mostly about Mabinogi, an MMORPG developed by Devcat but published by Nexon. I have long since quit the game, so now this blog is basically abandoned, but I keep it up for reflection.

This blog was originally on wordpress, but I moved it to blogger because here I have more control over it. Some posts may have an original post date listed at the bottom; this is why.

Go here for the post archive.


  1. Wow i thought you quit already making Poring Pelters, Well you did say you'd be back...but for oh i dunno 3 years? I lost count. Meh, just came to say hi and thanks for continuing it again(and i'm also promoting mine here(since noone is reading because i stopped): ___ and yeah it sucks, and i stopped for 3-4 years. but hopefully i'll be back on my knees too XD)

  2. I'm a huge fan and I just commented like.. just now. xD Your comics really inspired me through-out the years. No matter where I play, by that I mean Online Games, Ragnarok would always just pull me back in. And when that happens I remember the comic you made. Its amazing how you've managed to continue this incredible work. Now, I think I want to make my own RO Comic as well, thanks to the sprites you've provided us. xD